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1/20/13 06:31 pm - Movin On Up and Out

Me in a month. Moving into my first house

1/12/13 01:12 am

9/2/12 08:40 pm

i'm so sorry livejournal i've been unfaithful and have been going to other places to share personal updates. i promise you are the place i'd rather post on but i must say i haven't had all that much to say lately. though i hope/think that could change...

last weekend i agreed to take pretty up close and personal portraits by one of my most favorite photographers, ye rin mok. i am in no way used to being photographed and wouldn't say i've ever been super comfortable being in front of the camera. most times i get really awkward and stiff but i figured when she asked me (over tumblr, oh 2012!) i should go for it. it was a cool experience (despite being really tired from the weekend and the crazy heat) and ye rin is so sweet. very low key and just hanging out in my apartment talking about old episodes of adventures of pete and pete.

i may look really glum in these photos (as my friend melissa describes them having korean drama vibe to them) because i was instructed to not smile by the photographer.

but life is good. i have been busy with a new art related job and have a sweet cat roommate.

can't wait for fall to be here. i'm finally warming up to the idea of time moving faster and dealing better with transition.

i kind of have a lot of feelings today. happy and sad.

6/14/12 11:48 pm - M. Cera

saw george michael today. i think my first post on this lj account was about how much i love michael cera. the circle of life!!

5/25/12 03:14 am - around town

5/17/12 06:52 am - Ana Kras

There is no denying my absolute girl crush on ana kras. and it is most apparent to anyone who follows my tumblr. i pretty much blog every photo she takes and am obsessed with her handmade furniture and objects. I was lucky enough to finally see her beautiful "bon bon" lamps in the winter at a show in downtown l.a. i hope at some point i run into her so i can share my appreciation irl.

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bon bon lamps by ana kras

5/11/12 05:27 pm

these photos of japanese youth in the 60s rock my world. 

3/21/12 07:58 pm

call me a closeted conservative but to google and facebook "i don't wanna change!"

guess the internet isn't as democratic as we thought.

3/19/12 10:32 pm - sartortial sister

one thing my sister doesn't need is my fashion advice. i wish i was this put together when i was 13. 

3/19/12 10:28 pm - Pacific Standard Time

thanks to my aunt who organized a trip to the LACMA (L.A. County Museum of Art) to pay a visit to the California Design exhibit. it was a very lovely outing on a gorgeous sunny day. it was nice to be at the museum and especially see the Charles and Ray Eames designs in person! i will be going back soon by myself again before the exhibit closes and check out the Ellsworth Kelly and Surrealist Women Artists collections that i didn't have enough time to see today.

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